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Universal Primer List

Universal primers are PCR/sequencing primers that bind to a sequence found in many plasmid cloning vectors, most of which are derived from pUC vectors (which in turn come from pBR322). These sequences were defined as good PCR and sequencing sites as they flank the multiple cloning site where an inserted DNA sequence would be put.


Helpful Hints

Hints for better results for DNA sequencing:

NOTE: These helpful hints were designed to aid scientists in their quest for the perfect sequence. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we recognize that there are many other methods and short-cuts out there. The kits and products listed here are only some of the items available commercially for DNA sequencing. Simply because we did not mention a kit or product, does not mean that it will not work. Advances in this field are being made all the time and we are sure new products will emerge as time passes.



For best results, we suggest the following; (Also check our helpful hints page!!!!! )